Three = Free! Get new album free at Damiera shows

Damiera is going crazy preparing for the release of their new album, Quiet Mouth Loud Hands on Tuesday, June 24th.

With a 15-date tour starting this weekend, the guys are offering fans a chance to get the full album for free at any of their shows. Read below for an announcement from the band’s vocalist/guitarist Dave Raymond:

Our first tour supporting “Quiet Mouth Loud Hands” starts this weekend, and we’d like to share some our excitement with you. We will have the disc with us, available for sale June 24th. Want a free copy of the disc? Bring THREE people with you to the show. Introduce us to the three people that you brought and YOU will receive a copy of the new album for FREE. Tell the three people that you’re bringing the same thing, so that they can get a free copy as well. Our gift to you, for simply bringing friends.

Tour Dates
6/22 – Pontiac, MI
6/23 – Southgate, MI
6/24 – Ithaca, NY
6/25 – Poughkseepsie, NY
6/26 – Cleveland, OH
6/27 – Lansing, MI
6/28 – Mt. Vernon, IL
6/30 – Dubuque, IA
7/1 – Omaha, NE
7/6 – Covington, KY
7/9 – Iowa City, IA
7/11 – Oklahoma City, OK
7/12 – Fort Worth, TX
7/13 – San Antonio, TX
7/14 – Corpus Christi, TX

To preview Quiet Mouth Loud Hands, stream the full album courtesy of Fuse.TV. If you can’t make it to any shows to take advantage of the free CD offer, buy the album for only $8.99.