Wild Orchid Children premiere video for “Ahead of Us the Secret”

Seattle’s Wild Orchid Children has released a new music video for “Ahead Of Us the Secret”, off of their debut full-length album, The Wild Orchid Children Are Alexander Supertramp. The video pays homage to one of the greatest 90s videos out there, check it out HERE!

Kirk Huffman, frontman for the seven-piece, psychedelic Wild Orchid Children states of the video, “If you were watching hip hop videos in ’98, you’ll catch the reference. Bangerang.”

The music video was filmed at Ouch My Eye Gallery in Seattle, WA, with director Nick Simmons and a team of videographers including Simmons, Hayley Young, Brad Curran, and Andrew Waits. The video was shot in real-time and features a live audio recording and cameos from members of champagne champagne, The Young Evils, Thee Emergency and a prominent Seattle-based graffiti artist.