Wild Orchid Children sign to Equal Vision Records

Equal Vision Records is pleased to welcome Wild Orchid Children to its roster. The Seattle-based band is comprised of core members, Kirk Huffman (vocals and percussion), Thomas Hunter (guitar), Kyle O’Quin (keys), Andy Lum (drums), Aaron Benson (percussion and effects), and Ryan Van Wierengen (baritone guitar and percussion).

Wild Orchid Children will release their debut full-length album, The Wild Orchid Children Are Alexander Supertramp, on Equal Vision Records on November 9, 2010.

With nearly half of the album recorded at The Tank Studio in Black Diamond, WA with Tom Pfaeffle during Spring 2009, Wild Orchid Children took a short break from recording to head out on a five-week tour. Upon returning home, the band learned that Pfaeffle, their dear friend and producer, was fatally wounded. After taking time to heal and collect themselves, the band headed back into the studio in February 2010, with Pfaeffle’s sound engineers, determined to finish the album. The Wild Orchid Children Are Alexander Supertramp was later mixed by Chris Common [drummer, These Arms Are Snakes] at The Red Room in Seattle, WA.

Technical, trippy, in-your-face, and mind-numbingly unique, the former members of Gatsby’s American Dream and Forgive Durden, have collaborated not only for the music they make but also for the lifestyle they lead. Huffman elaborates, “It’s a credo, a conviction, a gathering where there are no rules except to look out for one another.”

He concludes, “Everyone is a wild orchid child or has a wild orchid child inside them. It is a way of life, a belief system and an attitude. You are a Wild Orchid Child. I am a Wild Orchid Child. We are The Wild Orchid Children.”

The ethereal music of Wild Orchid Children is not meant to be listened to – but to be lived and experienced. And experience it you must.

1. We Are Alexander Supertramp
2. Black Shiny FBI Shoes
3. Gasoline Rainbows (Jesus Is A Black Man)
4. Peyote Coyote
5. Ahead Of Us The Secret
6. Lasers In The Jungle
7. Birth Of A Cabin
8. Martha Washington Goes To War
9. Where The Mexican Boys Go
10. Tree Of Knowledge

Upcoming Tour Dates:
w/RX Bandits
Sep 24 West Hollywood, CA

Oct 09 Ballard, WA @ The Tractor

w/Past Lives, Triumph of Lethargy, Strong Killings
Oct 30 Seattle, WA @ The Black Lodge

w/See Me River
Nov 19 Seattle, WA @ Columbia City Theatre