XO announce full-length album Heart

XO, featuring Jake Turner and Jeff Turner of Say Anything, will release their debut full-length album, Heart, on February 4, 2014.

“Heart is a collection of songs based on my experiences with past loves,” explains Jeff.

“Even in the worst scenario, there is hope for someone to come along and swoop you off your feet. The story of the album is about finding love. In a way, by going through your happiest and darkest moments together, you complete your heart.”

The band will release the album through Rory Records, Max Bemis of Say Anything’s imprint within Equal Vision Records. The label also just released XO’s two-song digital single/7” vinyl featuring new songs – “Fault” and “No Feeling” – which can both be heard HERE. Rory Records boasts a diverse lineup of established and up-and-coming indie artists including Saves The Day, Matt Pryor, Pretty & Nice, Tallhart and more.

Established in 2004 in the Turner’s hometown of Atlanta, GA, and now currently based in Long Beach, CA, XO blends together a unique mixture of indie rock and shoegaze while incorporating visual elements such as projected videos, images and light during live shows.

The album was recorded with Parker Case at the Hurley Studios in Costa Mesa, CA, with great emphasis on creating a wide variety of unique, airy guitar tones.

Prior to hitting the studio, the band shared their ultimate vision for the album and overall XO experience stating, “We’re working on creating a completely immersive experience when you hear our recordings and see our band. The songs are mostly love songs, sometimes anti-love songs, and they deal with death and the ever-dying heart (figuratively and literally). The lyrics are definitely important to the music but the music is the guide, causing/releasing tension when needed…we have been approaching the music more like an orchestra of guitars, switching tunings almost every song, to create specific vibrations and hums, that drone along for a more cerebral experience. One that will be continued into the live show with projection of corresponding visuals to the songs.”

XO will perform a free show tonight at The Continental Room in Fullerton, CA with Field Trip and Half Goon. The tracklisting and album art for Heart can be found below. More information and regular updates on XO can be found on the band’s official Facebook HERE.

Nov 19 Fullerton, CA @ The Continental Room [21+]
Dec 05 Long Beach, CA @ Alex’s Bar [21+]

1. Instrumental 2
2. Waste
3. Sweet
4. Coast
5. Death
6. Crazy
7. Fault
8. Voice
9. Helll
10. Never
11. Heart