XO signs to Rory Records/Equal Vision Records

Say Anything frontman Max Bemis announces that XO has signed to Rory Records, Bemis’ imprint label via Equal Vision Records. XO features Say Anything guitarists, and twin brothers, Jake and Jeff Turner.

Bemis expresses, “Though it seems obvious for us to finally be working with Jake and Jeff because they play in Say Anything, the amazing thing is how unique XO is in that context. The band has made a huge creative leap recently – despite already being really awesome – and it’s something we’re really proud to display in our roster with our other Rory Records artists. They are making a hell of a record.”

Established in 2004 in the Turner’s hometown of Atlanta, GA, and now currently based in Long Beach, CA, the band blends together a unique mixture of indie rock and shoegaze while incorporating visual elements such as projected videos, images and light during live shows.

“We’re working on creating a completely immersive experience when you hear our recordings and see our band. The songs are mostly love songs, sometimes anti-love songs, and they deal with death and the ever dying heart (figuratively and literally). The lyrics are definitely important to the music but the music is the guide, causing/releasing tension when needed,” explains Jeff. “We have been approaching the music more like an orchestra of guitars, switching tunings almost every song, to create specific vibrations and hums, that drone along for a more cerebral experience. One that will be continued into the live show with projection of corresponding visuals to the songs.”

“The fact that Rory Records is a new face in the business and have paired with one of the finest independent labels we’ve known, Equal Vision Records, we really find ourselves in a dream situation,” Jeff continues. “We’ve been writing songs for years and to have Max Bemis, our friend and bandmate, tell us he wants to release the music we’re working on really hits us hard. Equal Vision Records has been on our list of labels to sign with since we were 14 years old. Jake found a list recently that will prove it. Dreams do come true.”

Between two full US tours, a UK run, and an Australia tour with Say Anything this past year, Jake and Jeff have spent as much time as possible writing new material and recording at the Hurley Studios in Los Angeles, CA. Their debut XO release on Rory Records/Equal Vision Records will be a 7″ single, expected to be out in early 2013. A brand new song called “Coast” is available now through, as part of the ‘Live From The Hurley Studios Volume 3″ download card. The digital compilation features 12 tracks recorded at the Hurley Studios by artists such as XO, NOFX, Hot Water Music, The Used, Matt Skiba and the Sekrets, The Royalty and more.

XO follows Bemis’ previous signings of Tampa, FL’s Tallhart and Tyler, TX’s Merriment. XO has drawn comparisons to the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Neu!, and Sonic Youth, and in their own words “plans to take you by the hand and lead you through a maze of droned-out, charged-up, chainsaw-like wonder only to leave you lost and scrambling to find your way out.”

A clip of the new song “Coast” can be heard HERE.