Karma Never Sleeps


I the Mighty
Karma Never Sleeps
EVR 210 ·

Karma Never Sleeps envelops listeners into a dramatic, dreamlike state, with intricate tales of political corruption, desperation and despair, and even words of cautionary counseling for the young and reckless. The EP features six sweeping tracks filled with soaring vocals, catchy hooks, charging guitars and explosive instrumentations, lyrically infused with powerful, poignant storylines.

I the Mighty vocalist Brent Walsh speaks of the band’s politically-charged lead single “Cutting Room Floor” explaining, “I go through phases where I follow politics closely, only to find myself backing away from it completely because it brings little more than frustration and a greater lack of confidence in humanity. The song describes Karma catching up to somebody who has let the persuasive hand of greed be the guiding light by which they live their life.” He concludes, “We don’t want people to just listen to our music on a surface level. We want people to dive into the songs and dissect them and to really feel them.”