The Majestic Majesty


Portugal. The Man
The Majestic Majesty
EVR 221 ·

Black Vinyl, First Pressing of 1500

The Majestic Majesty is the acoustic companion to the critically acclaimed Portugal. The Man album The Satanic Satanist, which was released in 2009. Previously available only as bonus material on the Deluxe Digital version of The Satanic Satanist, The Majestic Majesty features stripped back renditions that are perfectly suited for the vinyl format.

Also available digitally from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.

1. People Say (Acoustic)
2. Work All Day (Acoustic)
3. Lovers in Love (Acoustic)
4. The Sun (Acoustic)
5. The Home (Acoustic)
6. The Woods (Acoustic)
7. Guns and Dogs
8. Do You
9. Everyone Is Golden
10. Mornings