The Dear Hunter
EVR 229 ·

While Migrant takes a departure from the band’s previous use of an overarching concept, it remains true to their signature grandiose sound, fueled by Casey Crescenzo’s soulful vocals. For the first time ever, Crescenzo wrote from a first-person perspective, creating twelve of his most emotionally raw, personal and dynamic tracks to date. Musically, songs range from powerful melodic anthems, to a jazzy ballad fueled by keys and arpeggio-laden guitar lines, to a moving duet that highlights the song’s captivating vocals, all delicately framed by lush string orchestrations.

1. Bring You Down
2. Whisper
3. Shame
4. An Escape
5. Shouting at the Rain
6. The Kiss of Life
7. Girl
8. Cycles
9. Sweet Naiveté
10. Let Go
11. This Vicious Place
12. Don’t Look Back