The Fall of Troy
EVR 140 ·

There comes a time in every artists’ life when the present becomes the past and the future begins to take shape. For The Fall of Troy, that moment is eternal.

For the last four years, the ever-progressive band from the suburbs of Seattle have been leading the campaign to push beyond all boundaries and extend their musical prowess into another realm. At 17-years old, the band released (and sold) a thousand copies of The Fall of Troy, a 10-song album that rapidly made the rounds on the internet, garnering an immeasurable number of awestruck fans. By 19, the now seasoned musicians released a more accurate portrayal of their skill in the form of Doppelganger, a pristine recording that was overflowing with vocal and instrumental hooks and went on to sell over 45,000 copies.

Now with all three members at the tender age of 21, The Fall of Troy’s new album, Manipulator, is their future. Having built upon the band’s reputation for lightning fast guitar riffs, raw screams, catchy choruses, and a volatile rhythm section, Manipulator finds The Fall of Troy combining metal with progressive, rock with blues, and past with present to once again push themselves beyond. The heavy parts are heavier, the poppy parts are poppier, and the overall dynamics make the album impossible to classify.

Join The Fall of Troy on their journey. Manipulator is here.