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Davenport Cabinet
Nostalgia In Stereo
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My name is Travis Stever. This is music that I make in my spare time from playing guitar for Coheed and Cambria. This is a project that i have been kicking around for many years now. I even released a bunch of the songs on itunes under the name English Panther. While spending a bit of my spare time at home making new songs and polishing old ones for an actual album release (on c.d and possibly vinyl) i realized that i had no connection to the english panther name. It was a joke name given to me a long time ago and i used it purely out of convenience. Frankly i think the name sucks now. Recently i found a name that is a better fit to the project.

The Davenport Brothers were American magicians in the late 1800s. The Davenports began performing in 1854 and many people were led to believe that the Davenports were possessed by real spiritual powers. The Davenports most famous effect was known as the box illusion. The trick would start with the brothers tied up and closed inside a large cabinet containing numerous musical instruments. Once the cabinet was closed, the instruments would begin to make sounds as if they were being played by the brothers. Upon opening the cabinet, the brothers were found tied in the same positions in which they had started the illusion. Those who witnessed the effect were made to believe that the magicians had channeled spirits to play the instruments.

I have a little room in my house in upstate New York. This is where i record all my ideas whether it be coheed guitar ideas or the songs you hear on this page. It is by no means a full blown studio. I have lots of stringed instruments to play but when it comes to recording equipment i don’t have much. I use a digital 16 track, a shitty microphone, and digital v drums for the beats. The point of me telling you about this room is that when no one is in there my wife and many of our guests hear footsteps and other random noises. Sometimes with the squeaks and crackles from the empty room you can hear the strings vibrate as if someone was trying to play one of the instruments. It is probably just the house settling. But it still just made me think. Maybe i have my very own Davenport Cabinet.

1. Square One
2. Nostalgia In Stereo
3. Thieves
4. Milk Foot
5. Wrecking Ball
6. Rusty Knives
7. Angel on the Shoulder
8. Pissing in the Wind
9. 12 Hours
10. Tired of Driving
11. Demon Fire

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