On A Carousel of Sound, We Go Round


The Snake The Cross The Crown
On A Carousel of Sound, We Go Round
EVR 177 ·

A feature-length documentary film about The Snake The Cross The Crown. First pressing: 1,000 copies (October 2009).

This two disc DVD/CD set includes the film, and a bonus audio disc featuring b-sides, demos, and newer, unreleased recordings!


During their last tour in the summer of 2007, filmmaker Nicholas Kleczewski traveled with the band and captured on film the end of an era for the group. After releasing two critically acclaimed yet relatively unknown albums – 2004’s Mander Salis and 2007’s Cotton Teeth – the five members of The Snake The Cross The Crown found themselves spread across the country; some members going back to school, others holding odd jobs to pay the bills.

Unable to relentlessly tour and promote, yet unwilling to let go of their passion for creating music together, The Snake The Cross The Crown were at a major turning point for themselves as a band, and as individuals.

Film Chapters
1 – Finding Contentedness
2 – Lead The Way
3 – A Daytrotter Intermission
4 – You Just Gotta Be Out There
5 – It Was 42
6 – Live On A Stage
7 – I’ve Been Home
8 – Forged In Santa Barbara
9 – Electronic Dream Beach
10 – Try and Get Some Rest
11 – I’m Running For President
12 – Like a Witch in a Fire
13 – We Gotta Go Home
14 – Not Sure It’s Within Us
15 – I Won’t Be Comin’ Home Now
16 – 35802 Till I Die
17 – Everything Is So Beautiful
18 – We Got A Lot To Say

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