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We are all products of our environment. It just so happens that some are luckier than others when it comes to where they are from. Building off the rich history of the Washington DC scene, Olympiais able to draw from the diverse anthology of the bands that came before them. Where other bands end up being carbon copies of a fleeting trend, Olympia has forged a sound all their own. If the Washington DC music scene is a barrel full of gasoline, then Olympia is the box of matches.

Following the demise of their band Fairweather (Equal Vision Records), drummer Shane Johnson and guitarist Peter Tsouras joined up with bassist Nick Barkley and former Brand New Disaster (Tribunal Records) vocalist Phil Williams in late 2005. The band took shape and began writing songs, recording their first five songs in December.

Olympia quickly went into the studio with producer Matthew Ellard at the helm. Known for his work with a wide variety of musical acts (Motorhead, Converge, Morphine, BearvsShark), Ellard was the perfect architect for the band’s sonic vision. The resulting album, entitled Emergencies, showcases Olympia’s aggressive and dissonant musical creation.

* Recorded and mixed at Mad Oak Studios, Allston, MA and Bumble+Squeek, Somerville, MA (September, October 2006)
* Produced, engineered, and mixed by Matthew Ellard
* Addition engineering and digital editing by Kris Smith and Nick Barkley
* Drum tech: Carl Plaster
* Mastered by Tom Hutten at Bionic Mastering
* Artwork by Peter Tsouras
* Layout by Erin Brophy
* A&R: D. Sandshaw

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