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“Vision Red” by Elitist



  • Happy 4th of July! Here's a massive sale on all online @WeCameAsRomans​ merch to celebrate! 
  • It's a good day today if @brianmarquis doesn't get struck by lightning :p

EVR Set Times:
@treytheruler: 2:15
@brianmarquis: 4:50
@wecameasromans: 7:00
@setitoffband: 8:20
  • Today's forecast from @ericwcar is... It's freaking hot!
  • Congrats to @setitoffband for the hometown bump to main stage today! Here are all the EVR artist set times:

@setitoffband: 12:45
@brianmarquis: 1:55
@treytheruler: 2:15
@wecameasromans: 3:35

Photo: @andrew_ftw
  • Good morning Atlanta! Come see @wecameasromans kill it today at warped!

All EVR band set times:
@brianmarquis: 12:45
@treytheruler: 2:15
@setitoffband: 4:55
@wecameasromans: 7:00

Photo: @andrew_ftw
  • Stoked for the boys in @setitoffband getting bumped to Main Stage again!!! Set Times:
@setitoffband: 12:45
@treytheruler: 2:15
@brianmarquis: 4:15
@wecameasromans: 7:05

Photo: @andrew_ftw
  • Happy Birthday to the one and only @davestephens!!!
  • @elitist self-titled album is out now! You can purchase 'Elitist' here: http://elitist.merchnow.com 
Check out the band's music video for their song "Idle Hands" at YouTube.com/equalvision. 
#Elitist #idlehands #EVR
  • @northernfaces is playing the @audiotree Music Festival September 5th in Kalamazoo, MI!

Tickets on-sale Thursday, July 2nd at 10am EST.

#northernfaces #audiotreemusicfestival #EVR