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Drift by Night Verses



  • HUGE congrats to @hailthesun for an incredible first week!
More importantly, thanks to each and every one of you who supported and bought it ️
  • New Orleans Warped! Today's set times
@setitoff 12:20
@gideonal 2:30
@hailthesun 2:50
@waterparks 2:55
  • Head to @altpress(.com) now to watch @capsizeband's brand new music video featuring @bjm905 of @counterpartsband ️
  • @gideonal stole our snapchat. Follow to see a day in their life on Warped
  • The friendship is real this summer!
Houston, TX Set Times:
@waterparks 11:45
@gideonal 1:00
@setitoff 3:20
@hailthesun 7:10
  • EVR Warped Merch 2016
  • #OnThisDay 3 Years ago, @SetItOff released the deluxe version of their debut full length album Cinematics
  • Band bromances are the best
  • Watch @coldfront905 new music video for "Shed Light" premiering now exclusively on @exclaimdotca!
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